What We Do

At GFS, we offer off site façade solutions to projects. As specialists on all types of facades, we aim to provide services in variable combinations of design, consultancy, supply and manufacturing skills.

Our main focus is always to ensure that the job is completed on time, on budget and to the high quality that we and our clients expect.


Façade Concept Development

Being well aware of façade is playing a critical role in the design process, we can offer a façade concept development that combines cost effective technical expertise with functional façade design solutions by working directly with the architects during the process and submit detail drawings that can be based to the façade contractors for later stages.

System Design

Other than providing conceptual designs for the precontract services of architects, building owners, contractors, etc…, as a first step of post contract duties, we can also provide a system design service for façade contractors for both the standart and bespoke systems. Decades of experience in knowledge of materials, manufacturing technology, methods of assembly, application and commercial issues combining with innovative approach and problem solving attitude ensures the optimal solution is provided for our clients' needs.

Façade Detail Design

For the next step to creating a system design, GFS can also provide a service for submitting the full design package of facades including shop drawings and fabrication drawings with a full set of sectional details, elevations and details showing all the building interfaces and bracket solutions.


We provide strategic consultancy for architects, contractors, building owners, etc… during design development stage with our in-house expertise and ensures our clients to progress with the correct information and guide them convert the business plans into reality.


Within the premises of our sister company ALUTEK METAL, we have the ability to run a clean and organized manufacturing facility with automated cutting machines, CNC machining centers and assembly lines. We ensure high precision fabrication by ALUTEK’s skilled production staff of 30 employee which average almost 20 years of company experience in 4500 sqm facility area for an annual production capacity of 60.000 sqm.